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Enlistment Application - Christopher Layne |Accepted|
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:40:08 PM »

Name: Christopher Layne
Desired Name: Maniac
Steam Username: chrislayne1715
Steam ID: Maniac
Steam Profile URL:

Have you been in a realism unit before? Yes
Unit(s): 70th ID
Rank(s): Corpral
Reason(s) for leaving: personal issues.

Recruited by:

Time management
Hour(s) to server: 3
Hour(s) to forums: 1

Enlistment Oath
          I, Christopher Layne, hereby swear to uphold all responsibilities required of me as a member of the 70th Infantry Division I will perform my duties honorably without question as long as I am enlisted in this unit. I swear that while I wear the 70th Infantry Division tags, that I will act on my word, and be an excellent soldier.

christopher layne
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Re: Enlistment Application - Christopher Layne
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2018, 06:51:46 PM »

          Dear Christopher Layne,
                    I am enlistment officer M/Sgt. Sims. I hereby announce you as Recruit Maniac of the 70th Infantry Division. At this time I ask you to change your tags to Rec. Maniac [70th ID], wear them proudly.  You will need to attend the 70th ID Qualification Seminar, which will cover the rules and conduct expected of you as a member of the 70th ID. You have 30 days after acceptance to complete your Qualification Seminar or you will have to Enlist again.  Your forum login name has remained the same, but from now on you will be seen as Rec. Maniac [70th ID]. Congratulations and welcome to the unit.

M/Sgt. Sims
Enlistment Officer
70th Infantry Division